Viola Limpet (The Tumbling Hearts) - Vocals, Guit.

Kristof Hahn (Swans, Koolkings) - Guit., Vocals, Vib.

Thomas Wydler (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Mick Harvey) - Drums, Perc, Vib.

Yoyo Röhm (Ben Becker, Martin Dean) - Bass

additional musicians:

Chris Spedding (Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry) - Guit.
Bela B (Bela B, Die Ärzte) - Vocals
Anthony Pieretti – Drums
Eric LeMarechal - Words
Mike Strauss - Keyboards 
Stephan Schulz - Bass
Thomas Fietz – Drums
Gary Schmalzl (Bela B, Jingo De Lunch) - Guit.
Thomas Fricke – Pedal Steel (Acapulco Radio)
Lou Noack- Double Bass (Acapulco Radio, Plan 9)
Adrian Hörcher - Bass
Giles Schumm - Harmonica
Martin Klingenberg - Trumpet


Les Hommes Sauvages CD

Release: 15. October 2010

Fronted by Kristof Hahn, Viola Limpet and Thomas Wydler, LES HOMMES SAUVAGES is a band-project that comprises a truely fine line-up of musicians from Berlin. Hahn, guitariste, has worked with a variety of artists in the past and covered a bandwidth of styles that reach from Alex Chilton, his partner in crime in the garage-of-despair ensemble Koolkings, Hugo Race, to Michael Gira, whose avant-noise ensemble "Swans" he has joined since 1989 and who relied on Hahn’s quite unique abilities as a lap-steel player for his project The Angels of Light.

Hahn's collaboration with singer Viola Limpet goes back to the mid-eighties, when they teamed up as "Heart and Justice" to stun the neo-garage/cowpunk crowds of the time with their double-lead vocals over "Suicide"-riffs played with a country twang. After exploring the field of "noise-music" as one half of the electronic music duo "Das Synthetische Mischgewebe"  Viola Limpet had fronted one of Berlin's first neo-country bands - "The Tumbling Hearts" - who had, like Hahn's former band, "The Legendary Golden Vampires", detected a certain self-indulgence in the so-called Berlin Underground of the times and resorted to redefine/reclaim the structure of the song as a means of expression - a move which in the subsequent years would be made by a number of bands that started out as "noise" bands.

Hahn and Limpet met Thomas Wydler, nowadays well known for his work with "Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds" and "Mick Harvey" - Hahn performed several times with him and later-on techno-doyen, Marc Reeder at Berlin's SO 36. Wydler played drums on "Down By Love", a four-track 10" realeased under the name "Justice Hahn" on Exile Records. He also played drums on the Tumbling Heart's cd "Easy Come Easy Go". Together with Adrian Hoercher on bass Les Hommes Sauvages started recording their first album "PLAYTIME". Martin Klingenberg played trumpet, Giles Schumm harmonica.

In 2000 Les Hommes Sauvages recorded three songs with Chris Spedding (Brian Ferry) on guitar and Yoyo Röhm on bass. Two of the tracks - "Regenland" and "Long Long Line" appear on their CD "Playtime".
In 2001 the band teamed up with Ingo Krauss who from then on engineered and co-produced the sessions and the final mix. Before he moved to Berlin Krauss had worked as chief engineer at the legendary Conny Plank Studio near Cologne for more than a decade.

Probably best described as “Rock'n'Roll noir”, the ensemble takes a neo-existentialist approach to the genre. Alienation, isolation, longing and despair set the mood, but there is also a clear element of stoicism and a swinging tongue-in-cheek melancholia, seasoned with a touch of Max Stirner, whose claim that everything there is is his, could be the moral guideline for Hahn/Limpet's strategy of production. Based on the driving swing of Thomas Wydler's solid-as-a-rock-but-gentle-as-a-daisy drums they create a soundscape of rock'n'roll guitars, vibraphones and organs, over which double lead-vocals meander around each other.

Quite unusual for German bands LES HOMMES SAUVAGES also sing in French - they do a cover version of Serge Gainsbourg's "Je Suis Venu Te Dire" and of Jacques Higelin’s “Cigarette”. Besides that Les Hommes Sauvages collaborate with the French lyricist Eric LeMarechal who contributed their original sturm-und-drang “chansons nouveaux”.
Being European sons and daughters they named their two albums “
PLAYTIME” and TRAFIC after the movies of the same title by the French director genius Jacques Tati.

In october 2010 the band released their third album "VIVE LA TRANCE". 

Les Hommes Sauvages - VIVE LA TRANCE


1. GOTTSEIDANK NICHT IN ENGLAND (Hein/Schwebel/Klemner/Bauer/Fenstermacher/Nicolaidis)

2. JEAN GENET (LeMarechal//Hahn-Justice/LeMarechal)

3. ASTRONOMY (Kyser)


5. LA RIVIÈRE (LeMarechal//Hahn-Justice/LeMarechal)

6. AU DESSUS DE LA VILLE (LeMarechal//Hahn-Justice/LeMarechal)

7. DYING ON THE VINE (Cale/Sloman)

8. SAD AND LONESOME (Hahn-Justice)

9. ME AND MY GUN (Terry Bradford)

10. HALBE NACHT (Limpet)

Les Hommes Sauvages - TRAFIC


1. TRAFIC (Hahn-Justice)

2. BULLET IN MY POCKET (Hahn-Justice)

3. IN MY ROOM (Limpet//Limpet/Hahn-Justice)

4. CONTENTE (Limpet)

5. STERN AN STERN (Limpet)

6. TROIS JOURS (Limpet)

7. LE MATIN (Limpet)

8. IM PARK (Limpet//Limpet/Hahn-Justice)

9. GALIONSFIGUR (Hahn-Justice)

10. JE SUIS VENU TE DIRE (Gainsbourg)

Les Hommes Sauvages - PLAYTIME


1. BLAST OF SILENCE (Hahn-Justice)

2. MR. LIMPET (Kyser/von Feldt)

3. SANDMANN (Hahn-Justice)

4. LONG LONG LINE (Limpet//Limpet/Seibel)

5. TEARS (Hahn-Justice)

6. LES LETTRES (LeMarechal/Hahn-Justice)

7. REGENLAND (Hahn-Justice)

8. MIEUX A FAIRE (LeMarechal/Hahn-Justice)

9. CIGARETTE (J. Higelin)


1. BLAST OF SILENCE (Hahn-Justice)

2. MR. LIMPET (Kyser/von Feldt)

3. SANDMANN (Hahn-Justice)

4. LONG LONG LINE (Limpet//Limpet/Seibel)

5. LES LETTRES (LeMarechal/Hahn-Justice)

1. TEARS (Hahn-Justice)

2. CIGARETTE (J. Higelin)

3. REGENLAND (Hahn-Justice)


5. MIEUX A FAIRE (LeMarechal/Hahn-Justice)


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